• récit de résidence

    par Nelly

    5 women artists, 5 caves and… 4 days to create.
    Facing the Atlantic ocean, supported by a welcoming community, we would use bright colors to expand the walls. The collective challenge was to transform each space into an artistic immersion, in dialogue with its residents.

    I met MBarack, the fisherman.
    His home interior is delicate, practical and colorful. His moustache and deep dark eyes are very familiar to me, I felt at home. I called MBarack “Mister Obama”, he would call me “La Femme”. Despite my limited knowledge of Arabic, we laughed a lot.

    I was inspired by the myth of Jonas.
    The legend says that the prophet landed on this Moroccan shore after being swallowed by the whale. In 2012, as an unfortunate echo of this story, a whale was found on this beach. It could not be saved and was buried in the sand.

    I wanted to offer to the community a space to daydream.
    Because once I leave the cave, I want its residents to feel the joy, to remember the moments and to tell the stories of their place.

    I let you discover my cave called "Gaga Barakah": “Gaga” means whale in Arabic slang, and “barakah” is benediction, divine favor.

    May this cave bring luck to anyone entering it.